When a primary care provider refers a patient to their local genetics centre, the consultation may involve a medical geneticist, a genetic counsellor or both, depending on the referral indication. In the hospital clinical setting, genetic counsellors work closely with medical geneticists and other non-genetic specialists, and may have medical directives to order, interpret and discuss genetic testing options and results.

Common indications for clinical genetics/ genetic counselling referrals:


  • A patient abnormal prenatal screening result (NIPT, FTS etc)
  • Fetal anomaly detected on ultrasound
  • Consanguinity (preconception consult is ideal)
  • Carriers of a recessive or X-linked condition (preconception consult is ideal)
  • A positive prenatal diagnosis
  • Previous child or pregnancy with a genetic anomaly or birth defect (preconception consult is ideal)
  • Teratogenic exposure
  • Advanced maternal age
  • A patient or partner who has a genetic diagnosis and is concerned about recurrence risk


  • Abnormal newborn screening result
  • Ambiguous genitalia
  • Multiple malformations +/- dysmorphic features
  • Neurodevelopmental delay associated with dysmorphic features, birth defects and/or autism. Note: Provision of baseline testing reports (chromosomal microarray, fragile X and metabolic screen) may be required at the time of referral.
  • Recognized or suspected genetic syndrome
  • Positive family history of childhood-onset disorders
  • Congenital hypotonia or complex neurological symptoms
  • Pediatric cancer diagnosis or risk


  • A personal or family history of a known genetic disorder
  • Cardiovascular disease associated with genetic factors (long QT, hyperlipidemia, etc.)
  • Progressive neurological condition, including unexplained neuropathy, progressive ataxia, early onset dementia Early onset hearing loss
  • Early onset visual loss including retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, cataracts
  • Family history of sudden, unexplained death at a young age
  • Recognized chromosomal or other genetic disorder in the patient or family


  • Early-onset cancers
  • Rare cancers (e.g. male breast cancer)
  • A personal or family history of two or more primary cancers (in one person)
  • A positive family history of related cancers or early-onset cancers Polyposis
  • A personal or positive family history of a known genetic cancer predisposition gene variant
  • A concern about a cancer family history

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