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If you are a genetic counsellor practicing inside or outside of Ontario, we welcome not only your membership, but your involvement and leadership! We cannot accomplish our mission and vision without dedicated, creative and driven members. Becoming a member sends a strong message to the Ontario health care community, government and public that we are a cohesive and influential group. Building a strong and engaged membership base is the first step in advocating for regulation, title protection and equitable unimpeded access to qualified genetic counsellors for all Ontarians. When you are a member you have a say in how our organization evolves and what our priorities should be. If you are a genetic counselling student or student with an interest in genetic counselling, your membership is free. You will have access to our newsletter, job and opportunity posts and members resources. There will also be opportunities to volunteer with OAGC-ACGO and have representation on our leadership team. If you are a colleague who is in an allied field (medicine, laboratory genetics, genetic research, nursing) we welcome your interest and involvement. You will get access to our job and opportunity posts, newsletter and selected members-only resources.

Levels of Membership

OAGC-ACGO strives to keep its membership dues as low as possible. We are a not-for-profit organization that is 100% volunteer run. Our modest annual membership fee is intended to cover the costs of web-site maintenance, accounting and legal fees and public relations expenses. Please support us by joining and getting involved!

If you have any questions about membership or eligibility, please email us at