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Connect with genetics professionals through our secure members-only portal.

Member-only discussion spaces are available so that you can post questions to your colleagues. Members can set up a discussion topic and follow or respond in the chat. Whether it is a research study or a question about clinical operations, this forum allows OAGC-ACGO (full) members to quickly survey other provincial genetic counsellor colleagues.

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Don’t miss any opportunities and updates

Members will have access to information about professional events including opportunities for CEUs, job posts and any legislative changes relevant to the profession.

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Lead and participate in developing the genetics profession in Ontario

As the OAGC-ACGO works towards title protection of Ontario’s Genetic Counsellors, have your say in representing the profession. Be involved in the progression of the field by supporting OAGC-ACGO through active membership and by attending annual general meetings, volunteering, or leading.

Members-only event pricing

You can earn CEUs at a lowered cost (when available)

As a valued member of OAGC-ACGO, you will be amongst the first to know about provincial and local meetings and have access to early-bird discounted registration fees. We will work with event coordinators so that members-only pricing for CEU events can reflect a discount for OAGC-ACGO members (when available).

Affinity & Discount Programs

Membership really does have its privileges.

Exclusive to our members is access to a hand-picked group of vendors, suppliers, and experts selected to help you accelerate the growth and bottom line of your practice.

Networking Opportunities

It really is who you know.

We are surrounded by technology and barriers that inhibit human connection. Our veteran members tell us all the time that the most valuable member benefit is the network of peers they have developed over the duration of their membership. This benefit is timeless.